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Gage S. Weimer | 3D Character/Creature Artist | 3D Generalist

3505 75th St. N, Saint Petersburg, FL. 33710

(727) 642-4928|Email:|

My objective is to obtain a full-time, 3D position where I can utilize my artistic skills while executing and improving upon creative projects for my employer.


  • Skilled in creating 3D character and creature models quickly and efficiently within Zbrush, and Maya.
  • Proven abilities in texturing and rendering 3D models using various programs.
  • Detailed understanding of anatomy, physiology, form, shape, structure, silhouette and range of motion.
  • Experience in working with 3D character animation and facial animation.
  • Capable of bringing 3D models into various real-time rendering engines, such as Unity, Keyshot, and Marmoset ToolBag, and applying UV maps effectively.
  • Experienced in every aspect of file management with exceptional organization skills.
  • Proven ability to maintain consistency of deliverables in a high stressed and deadline demanding environment, while using expert time management skills.


BiC Graphics (August, 2015 – Present)
Graphic Artist (Full-Time)
  • Extensive knowledge in various procedures of vectorization, and converting of low resolution images into screen printable artwork.
  • Successful in delivering high volumes of production orders on a daily basis.
  • Took part in complex Adobe action writing and problem solving in order to speed up production, and ensure consistency throughout the entire art room.
  • Maintained premier customer service during many strenuous circumstances, in order to preserve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sealund & Associates (March, 2013 – August, 2013)
3D Graphic Artist (Full-Time Contracted)

  • Level design and environmental sculpting and texturing for use in Unity 3D Game Engine.
  • Compiled video renders and motions graphics for a demonstration video describing innovative custom training solutions developed for the healthcare industry.
  • Basic character modeling and character sculpting for SAIC, U.S. Air Force contract animations.
  • Compiled, Resized, and edited stock photos for instructional Air Force training simulations.
  • Website graphic design and text input for restructured branding project.
  • Character animation and layout procedures for scene setups.
Humoring the Fates Animation Studios (January, 2013 – Present)
3D Generalist (Freelance)
  • Created figurative and hard-surface sculptors for several print ad campaigns.
  • Took part in 3D character animation and lip sync for a stylized animated short.
  • Assisted in setting up final render settings and various clean up procedures.
  • Converted high polygon sculptors into low polygon models, and laid out UV space for various character models and props.

Freelance Creature Artist (September, 2013 – November, 2013)
  • Created various 3D Creature model maquettes from 2D concept art designs for an independent feature film, created by Mike Murphy.

G.R.A.D Academy (September, 2013 – June, 2014)
Teacher’s Aide
  • Involved in the students’ artistic and academic development, helping them become aware of key points of artistic focus, and a need for academics.
  • Developed artistically driven scientific anatomy curriculum to administer to both special and regular educational students, ranging from grades 5th through 12th.
  • Helped administer and grade quizzes, tests and science laboratory papers, and recorded results in a timely manner resulting to a well-organized classroom
  • Provided extra assistance to students with special needs, individually or in small groups to assist in completion of instructions and assignments.


(Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation)

International Academy of Design & Technology (2009-2013) Tampa, Florida



Adobe – Photoshop, Illustrator,After Effects, Flash and Dreamweaver
Pixologic – Zbrush
Autodesk – Maya
Luxion – Keyshot
Marmoset – Toolbag
Unity 5 3D Game Engine
Unreal Game Engine Development Kit (UDK)
Microsoft Office - Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Godaddy Website Builder
Basic understanding in HTML


  • Participated in Advisory Board for the Bachelor of Science in Animation Technology Program at Sanford-Brown College (formerly IADT)
  • 5th Place winner of the Facebook 3D Fan Art Challenge (titled: Planet to Planet)
  • Featured in IADTX Magazine (issue: 002) for exceptional and unique talent.